Ordering Beer at Bar? Use these Tips to Get It Right

ordering-beer-at-bar-800x415You are probably one of the beer enthusiasts out there or you at least order a few bottles of beer occasionally. For those who have left the world of keggers and parties behind, there are various craft beers (beers made in a traditional way) to explore that all come with a new set of challenges.

If you just simply confront the market’s variety of beers today, you will be bewildered. There are increasing numbers of breweries. And chalk this up to the increase of craft breweries and bars which support the movement. You may have known that many things can go wrong when you are drinking. However, as craft beer has taken over, it is likely that your first mistake will strike before you even order a bottle.

Pick Smartly

When you want to have a great craft beer, start your search with the right proprietor. Look for a bar or pub that is committed to craft beers like Brutopia. Wherever you are drinking, better craft beer pubs provide a variety of regional beers, some select imports and interesting collaborations between breweries. A good craft beer bar does not need to have the craziest imperial IPA; however, has to have a good pilsner or pale ale.

Keep it Clean

Even when a beer bar has a good selection of beers, poorly maintained tap lines can negatively impact the flavors of even a very fresh beer. However, how can you tell if a beer bar is cleaning its lines? Be wary of those who concentrate on the lowest points of entry or have a beer-and-a-shot special. Never assume that because it is on draft it is good.

Keep an Open Mind

When you are in a craft beer bar and do not recognize all of the beers on the list, do not get intimidated. You can ask the bartenders to describe what is available. Or you can just tell the bartender what you like and ask for a recommendation.

Additionally, you can ask to try a bar’s draft beers before committing to a full pour while being reasonable. You should not think that you will pull a fast one and enjoy a free beer one taste at a time. You will not want to piss off the bartender and other customers by asking a sip of every beer during a rush hour.

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