Keep Track of Fitness Goals

Have you committed to a new, sustainable, fitness regime?  It’s been proved for years that writing your goals down is one of the first steps towards success. Take advantage of the savings offered by Groupon and head to Office Depot for a huge selection of fitness tracking software. Often referred to as wearables, fitness trackers are fantastic devices to keep track of fitness goals on a daily basis. In constant eyesight, they can serve as a reminder to simply get up and move.

Keep Track of Fitness Goals

Start by developing a wellness plan that goes beyond simply losing pounds. Lifestyle changes are sustainable; weight loss goals are seldom sustainable on their own. Commit to simply moving at least twenty minutes every day. You’ll begin to have an increase in stamina and awaken long dormant muscle groups. After a few weeks, increase the intensity of your walks and add some hills for a real challenge. Grab a friend, canine companion or audio book to make your walks even more enjoyable.

Be mindful of what you eat. Don’t embark on a drastic or seriously restrictive diet. It will only result in frustration. Start by eliminating one unhealthy habit per week. Are you addicted to sugary sodas? They cause weight gain, mood fluctuations and skin problems. Ditch the sodas for sugary water for a week and you’ll have soon developed a healthy lifestyle habit.  Are you a fast food junkie?  Excess sodium and fat can wreak havoc on your metabolism, cause bloating and contribute to cardiovascular disease. On week two, drive past your favorite fast food haunts and you’ll begin to develop a new self-discipline and sustainable energy level.  You’ll also begin to notice a change in your weight.

Finally, invest in your relationships. So many health problems result from unhealthy diet choices which are often the result of an unhealthy sense of self.  Strong relationships contribute to full body wellness.  Spending time with friends and family contributes to our well-being. Best of luck on your wellness journey!


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