Confessing My Love for Popcorn

Popcorn is a snack everyone around the world knows and definitely enjoys eating it. Popcorn is a famous snack that is available in most cinema in the world. Everybody I know loves eating popcorn and never reject when I offer some. But, some people stop eating popcorn because they believe it is too sweet and high in calories. This is because the sellers add all sorts of additives and other ingredients to make their popcorn taste better.

Love for Popcorn1

Even for myself, I like my popcorn to be sweet but then it will only make my health became worse as my blood sugar content will increase. My mother would go crazy if she saw me eating popcorn. This is because she has diabetes so she doesn’t want my health to be like hers. My mother controls my family´s calorie and sugar intake. She knows I like to eat popcorn so much so, she would buy around 1 kilograms of popcorn grains and make it at home so it will be much healthier. Following the advice of her doctor, she didn’t add any butter or sugar at all… It tastes bland and tasteless, like I am chewing a piece of wool.

Love for Popcorn

But without additives, popcorn would be one of the healthiest snacks in the world with low calories and low sugar content. It also provides whole grains, fiber, and antioxidants to our body. So, to make it more delicious, my mother added some olive oil and sugar-free sweetener to the popcorn. The trick works because it tastes almost the same as the popcorn that is available at the cinemas. To those who are trying to control their diet, they should try to do this even though it will cost you a little bit of time making it at home. But then, I think it’s worth it considering you will have the chance to avoid increasing your sugar content by eating home-made popcorn rather than buying junk food which can be harmful to your health. A popcorn machine makes it much easier and more time-efficient. You can look up popcorn maker reviews online to find the best one. If you get bored with eating home-made popcorn, there will always be more home-made recipes on making healthier snacks and other flavoured popcorn on the internet. Making home-made snacks also ensures you that your food is healthy as you are the one making it. Home-made popcorn can be the alternative to junk foods and you can eat it all you want without risking your health. By using tips from the doctor, I can eat more popcorn daily now without worrying about my health.

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